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I'm glad it's already Tuesday - that means it's just a few more days until NEXT weekend!

Saturday we watched Assault on Precinct 13, which was rather boring. In the morning, we went to the farmer's market and I got more zucchini for bread and a big flat of berries. They're all gone except for the half pint of blueberries Cory put in the freezer, which is good because they were pretty ripe and if they were still around today they wouldn't be very good.

Sunday we watched Shaolin Soccer, which we both were pretty entertained by. And I finished my shrug at Avery Park.

There it is on the picnic table. I have no pics of it on yet. It's a little tight in the armpits, and I'm not sure why. I'm not a clothing designer so I'm not surprised it didn't turn out perfectly.

And of course the first thing that happened when I took the shrug out to finish weaving in the ends at this picnic table which was halfway in the river and halfway on the bank was the ball of yarn rolled down the incline of the table and landed in the water. Good thing I didn't need to use it anymore!

Then I played in the river a bit with Remmy, throwing sticks for her and watching her impression of a sprinkler.

I also did a gauge swatch for the new sweater called Stacy that is in Cool Crochet, a new book I picked up a couple of weeks ago.

People have mentioned that the sleeves fall off their shoulders so I plan to add a few rows around the neckline; and I'm also adding about 2 inches to the length. I finished the back panel last night just before bed.

Then on Sunday morning we went to Starbucks and then down to the waterfront to watch the All American Anyone Can Come Fabulous Fantastic Fourth of July Parade. It was mostly a bunch of little kids on trikes with red white and blue streamers, and their parents running after them trying to keep them going the right direction. And this guy:

The American Hero carpet cleaning guy. He was at the Christmas parade too. He's funny.

The rest of Monday was pretty quiet. We took a quick little walk over to Monroe Avenue and took a picture of a building and the interior of an empty commercial space for Cory's business class - we're "starting a yarn store." It's kind of fun.

And then Monday night we went to sleep at 9 because Cory needed a good night to get ready for his week of classes. I wanted to go to the fireworks at the waterfront but I figured it's not so bad to miss stuff like that when your husband is sacrificing so much of his free time to go to school.

And now it's today. And today is boring so far. But luckily it's almost lunchtime - I didn't have anything for breakfast and I'm looking forward to lunch!
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