Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

The Power Blows.

So, yesterday afternoon I ended up getting into work at 12:30 or so. I was hurting pretty bad in the morning but once I started regularly putting an ice pack and then a microwaved rice pack on my back I felt better.

A little while after I got there, the power went out in the mill. Apparently it was out in quite a large area, because I found out later that Cory's work also suffered a blackout, and I heard that a lot of Corvallis did too. One of my coworkers used her cell phone to call the power company, and they told her it'd be about two hours before anybody could get out there to figure out what was wrong. Two hours of downtime in a mill is rather unfortunate. Luckily, after ten minutes the power went back on.

Fast forward to last night at quarter to 9. We were sitting in the living room minding our own business when there was a big flash and a big boom right outside our window. The transformer blew! That time we didn't have power until after we were already in bed. And now I have to go around and reset all the clocks.

Everywhere else in my body feels what I did in yoga on Wednesday, especially the muscles I clenched all day yesterday because my back hurt. (It still hurts a little, but it's not awful.)
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