Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

Today I turned on the oldies station to aid in my morning commute. A few weeks ago I noticed my oldies station had begun to sneak some '80s music into their rotation, as well as a couple of classic rock songs. Well, this morning when I turned on my oldies station, they were playing COUNTRY MUSIC. This abomination cannot be tolerated. Now I'm down to two halfway decent stations (classic rock and NPR) and one eh station (big band stuff). Phooey.

My package from Old Navy arrived today. I now have two black tops to wear to work that are relatively cool for summer. They're cute. I also have a pair of capris that hopefully will fit. They should, since their slacks in the same size fit pretty well.

I thought I was pretty close to getting in trouble on Friday. I was using my laptop to chat with Dad on MSN (yes, at work. Yes, that's usually bad, but in this case I had nothing to do and it'd been like that all day. Yes, I exhausted all other pro-work options. Get off my back. :P ) and the owner of the company pulled up. I told Dad I'd be right back and I shut my laptop so Jim wouldn't see that I was working on personal things at work. He went back into a back office, so I grabbed my laptop again to tell Dad I wouldn't be back until after I got home - but Jim walked in again just after I opened it up. I shut it hurriedly but he still saw it, and he came up to me and said "is that your personal computer, or a company computer?" I said "um... it's... mine..." He paused for what seemed like forever, during which time I thought "oh shit, I'm going to get in big trouble for doing personal stuff at work." I was about to say "I can leave it at home if you want," but as soon as I started to say it he said "they use those for graphics programs, don't they?" Phew.
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