Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

Sunken Grade...

My day (well starting last night) has been going
downhill. I started out last night being extremely happy
because Angie signed the papers letting her out of the
lease at the end of the month. So Wendy and Eric and I
had a long talk and... well, bonded, I guess. I don't like
that word though. Anyway, so this morning it was nice
and warm (it got up around 70 today, but it was muggy
and kinda cloudy and I worked all day) but then I found
out that my coworkers, all of whom are notorious for not
being able to keep secrets, pretty much all knew for two
weeks that Angie is moving out. It surprises me how
things get around, even if I tell someone not to say
anything, but how things don't get around when Angie
tells them to keep quiet. Weird. And everybody who kept
saying how they thought I should move out didn't seem
all that excited that she was moving. I don't know why. It
made me kinda upset. Then when I asked Darcy where
Angie was moving to, she wouldn't tell me. It's not like
I'm going to seek Angie out and pop her tires or
something like that. I really don't care where she lives, I
just hope that she has a place.

The next thing that helped my downward slip was that
when I talked to Mike on the phone today he was rather
rude. I hate it when he's rude to me. It makes me think
that I deserve better and he deserves worse. He doesn't
know how good he has it, really. Grr. And to top it all off,
he told me to call him, but I have no idea where he is. I
came to his house to see if he's here, but he's not. And
he's not answering his cell phone. What's the point of
having a cell phone if you don't answer it?

Sigh. I'm done venting now. Next up: trying to figure out
what to do before my entire Friday night is wasted.
Tags: mike, roommates
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