Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

The first da Vinci day of the weekend turned out very nice.

We slept in, but still had time to take the dog out and then walk to Central Park to try out Cory's new cribbage board before 11, at which time we headed back home and met solteronita.

Then we had a nice long walk all over the place. We went to the kinetic sculpture parade (which had only a very few sculptures, unfortunately), and walked around looking at the totem poles that people in the city had made and put on display down Madison Street. We walked to Starbucks and got green tea frappuccinos (and coffee for Cory) and then walked around downtown and through the farmer's market, where they were shutting down for the day.

Then we walked to the LaSells Stewart Center, where a poetry slam was going on. (We had intended on looking at the museum inside LaSells but it wasn't open to the non-paying public.) We watched a couple of poets, trying to figure out if a poetry slam is basically rap, or basically someone standing up reading a poem. (Neither person we watched was very good - can you tell?)

Then we went home and compared sunburns and rested for a bit, as we'd been walking for three hours.

Next was a trip to Hollywood Video and the co-op and Fred Meyer. We got burrito fixin's and a couple of videos, which we came home and prepared/ate and watched, respectively.

After the movie (School of Rock) and a few extras from the DVD and a couple of minutes watching Globe Trekkers about Nicaragua (how fitting that it was on when Nicoal was here), we headed out again to see if we could catch some music. The Battle of the Bands in the MU quad was over, but there was a band on the main stage that had just started so we listened to them and watched some kids play Ultimate Frisbee. (Two girls were wearing white bohemian skirts and similar green-colored tops - I doubt they planned it that way but it was funny.) We also watched some high-schoolers climb over the barrier into paid-ticket-land. Shame.

As the band wasn't all that exciting, we walked downtown again in hopes that the gelato place was still open, which it was. I got almond and lemon. We sat on a bench by the river and chatted and ate our gelato and started to almost shiver because it was pretty breezy by then.

And then we came home and Nicoal left and we went to bed. I thought of her as I was drifting off to sleep - I love spending time with someone at their house all day, but usually as I'm driving back towards home on the freeway I'm slightly annoyed that I still have a long drive before I can go to sleep and I usually want to go to sleep RIGHT NOW.

Anyway, today is the kinetic sculpture race. We'll go to the river leg of it because it's free. We like not having to pay to see things like bands and races.

Time to go wake up the man.
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