Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

I like this time of year. It is the time when we try to remember where we were at this moment on our honeymoon. (We're at the Petrified Forest right now, or will be in an hour; and the Meteor Crater and the Grand Canyon is coming up later this afternoon.)

I've been reading bad reviews of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and they make me mad. Last night I watched the Gene Wilder version for the first time and it was absolutely awful. I don't know how anybody could think it's good. Eww.

I really should be getting ready to go to work. But I'm enjoying not being hot. It was 98 yesterday and supposed to be 96 today and if it's the same tomorrow I'm going to be a grumpy girl.

Cory won our cribbage tournament yesterday, including one game where he skunked me. No, two. The last one he skunked me again. That also made me a grumpy girl.

OK, off I go now. I swear.
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