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Yesterday Cory ended up having nothing to do for most of the day so we went to Clear Lake. (For those of you nearby, it's on Hwy 126 that runs from Eugene to central Oregon, and it's just west of the junction of 126 and 20.) We got there at about 10:30.

First we went on a short hike, about half a mile, to a spot where there weren't fishing boats nearby; so Remmy could splash around in the lake a bit. It was really cold water, but she didn't care of course.

Then we walked back, stuck Remmy in the car and had a bite at the "Resort Lodge." (It's funny because the lodge is just a divey diner/fishing lure shop/teensy grocery store/place to rent boats and fishing poles, and the resort is the lodge plus four cabins.)

I'd like to say here that I won the cribbage game we played at lunch, which makes exactly one time since I bought the stinkin' thing for Cory for our anniversary. And we've played several times.

Next was an hour-long rowboat ride. We took turns rowing, and Cory got really excited and splashed me pretty good with an oar. This is how I can definitively say that the water is about as cold as my legs are white. Brr, huh?

We rented a boat because we'd heard that because of the absence of algae in the lake, you can see all the way down to the bottom. It's 200 feet deep in the lowest part, but the part we were in wasn't that deep. There are also ancient trees (well, more like just trunks now) in the water. We kept trying to maneuver close to them so we could reach in and touch them but it didn't work very well. I think they were further under the surface than we thought. The color is really pretty too - in the deep parts there's not even any vegetation, just light-colored sand or something, so it made this really pretty aqua color in the water, like a tropical ocean.

Mountains. I think one of 'em is Bachelor. I don't know my mountains very well.

In other news, I got up early this morning and jogged. I jogged for 7 minutes straight, which is pretty good considering it's been about two years since I last jogged. Nicoal sent me a link to a good training schedule which will get me going 5k in 8 weeks, running 3 days a week. The other days will be yoga. I promise.

Earlier the neighbor girl knocked on the door and when I opened it she handed me my cat. She'd gotten out through the screen again. I secured it with a binder clip, so hopefully that is the last time that happens.
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