Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

Official embarrassing moment of the day:

I came into the mail room, said good morning to George, and he told me my fly was open. haha. Good thing I'm not too embarrassed about things like that.

Carol (the big boss lady) came in and asked George and the other new temp and I to come to her office at 11:30. Being the paranoid girlie that I am, I am having to consciously restrain myself from thinking the worst. It's not like I'm a bad worker or anything, so there's no reason why she should chastize me for anything. Grr.

My left hand hurts from holding my crochet hook so tightly. The yarn is really hard to work with, and I don't have a callous there anymore.

I think I'm going to go ask Todd to help me set up my email.
Tags: temping
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