Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

Yoga last night. I worked myself pretty hard. It was fun though.

This morning I woke up to sugar ants all over my counters. I know where they're coming in (it's not that hard to figure out when they're in a line coming from the kitchen window) and I took everything off the counters and washed everything really well, and finished with a vinegar and water solution, which didn't help because more came in. So now I've sprinkled baby powder in the spot where they're coming in and hopefully that'll help - and if not I've seen a bunch of other ideas that I'll try, like peppermint or whole cloves or cinnamon.

Remmy has a routine every morning - we go out, she goes to the bathroom, and then we play. This morning, though, I was preoccupied with ants and every time I'm in a bit of a hurry she's completely the opposite. She was eating grass and sniffing and being as slow as she could; so I took the ball off the Chuck-It and pretended to swing with it. She was close enough that she heard the whoosh of the air around it, and she ran off to try to find the ball that was still in my hand. Of course, my plan to get her attention away from sniffing backfired, because she didn't poop, she just wanted to play. I told her a bunch of times to go poop, but she wouldn't, so we just played until she was tired. And then on the way home she found a patch of grass and pooped in that. Dumb dog.

Yay for stories about dog poop.

It's supposed to be 100 today. I'm really really REALLY not looking forward to that. I'm glad it's Thursday though, because hopefully it'll be cool enough this weekend that I can clean the house. It's looking pretty sad.

I hear my brother-in-law is planning on coming up this month from San Fran to visit for the weekend, and Cory's grandparents are coming up from the same area this weekend, so we're going to take them to a wine tasting place that also serves dinner, downtown. They're fun to hang out with, but Grandpa doesn't talk very loudly so we wanted to find someplace quiet so that we didn't have to just nod and smile every time he said something.

Trout has been so lovey this morning. She followed Cory everywhere this morning and now she's sleeping right next to me with her nose buried in the afghan.

Must get breakfast. Ack, and must go to work! (And also must go get a pap later today.)
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