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In the early mornings when the porch light is still attracting moths, Trout has a field day trying to go after them. The poor window screen is taking the brunt of her attacks, of course, and because it's nice and cool outside I don't want to shut the window so I've been sitting here squirting her every time she thumps her feet up onto the screen. I got her right between the eyes earlier. Unfortunately, me squirting her is just teaching her to thwack the screen and then run behind the curtain. Heh.

This is my third week of running. Yesterday I was halfway through my warmup walk before I realized I hadn't checked to see how long I was supposed to run and walk, so I did two minutes running/two minutes walking. (It ended up being 90/90/3min/3min.) I'm still doing really well and I'm proud of myself for not having any second thoughts as I wake up on my running days.

I've been tagging all my old journal entries, and making most of them public. Now that I'm not worried about hiding from anybody, I'm hoping that having a more public journal will lure more people here (though I have a feeling that once people notice I'm boring, they'll be more inclined to go away!).