Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

As the meteor shower was at the end of this week, Cory and I decided to go to the beach to see what we could see up in the sky. I knew it wouldn't be as warm over there as it is here, so I wore jeans and took a jacket and Cory took sweatpants and socks and we headed over.

On the way over we listened to NPR, and they were doing a story about the just-released tapes of the NY fire fighters during the 9/11 attacks. Listening to them made me cry. It's hard to listen to people who are trained to be calm during a crisis to begin panicking.

When we left Corvallis, it was 86 here. In Newport an hour later it was 55 and really windy. It gets down to 55 here at night and I've been running in that temperature, but the wind was what made it so cold. And there was a huge cloud bank over the ocean, and we could see the edges of it being whipped by the wind.

We went to Rogue and had beer and dinner, and then to WalMart so Cory could look at the Legos that were on sale (we just saw mostly-empty shelves, unfortunately), and to Fred Meyer for snacks to eat on the beach, and then to Nye Beach, where we bundled up and took our camp chairs and hid in a hollow in the sand (the beach was all dune-y because of the wind, which had died down after dark) and settled down to look at stars. We only lasted maybe half an hour because it was still really cold and therefore uncomfortable. So we left.

Yesterday I went up to Rickreall to visit my friend Erin who'd just gotten back from Guatemala and had pictures to share. She brought me a wrap skirt, which all the women wear down there. It's very pretty but shows a lot of leg as it's not quite big enough to fit around my posterior. Therefore it shall be put away until my running has sufficiently shrunk my skirt area. :) We also hit a couple of garage sales in Rickreall and Monmouth. (Has anybody ever seen Playboys and porn videotapes being sold at a garage sale? That kind of grossed me out.) And then because it was so hot, we went to the lavender farm and had lavender lemonade and smelled soaps and oils and lotions and sachets and listened to the farmer's wife talk about the different varieties and stuff. It wasn't so bad there on the farm in the shade.

And now it's today. It's 80 degrees already and it's not even 11 yet. It's supposed to get up to 98 and I hate the hot and it needs to be fall now. aew;oitjare;lhigajrt.
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