Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

I went to KMart just now. I went to buy a fan and a thermometer. While there, I forgot to buy a thermometer but I bought a full-length mirror ($4.97!) and a bright orange rug to go in the bathroom. (I'm not sure I like it yet - I might have to post a picture so I can get a second opinion.)

When I got back, I stood the mirror up on the floor against the wall and went into the bathroom to throw the rug down, and suddenly I heard a low growl coming from the bedroom. I figured it was the black cat that sometimes comes to make Trout angry, but Trout had discovered a small grey cat on the floor up against the wall. She stood there for a minute or two with her hackles up and her ears back, making occasional annoyed sounds in the back of her throat. I ran and grabbed Cory and he ran and grabbed the camera and we took a couple of pictures of her being angry at her reflection.

And now the box fan is in the window and it's already a lot cooler in here, albeit rather loud. Can't really have the TV audible with this thing going on right next to me. It's OK though - I'd rather be cool than watch TV.

Tomorrow I go to my coworker's mother's funeral.

Jan is my 48-year-old coworker who's been at the company for years, and worked at the old company that was located at this mill before Diamond West bought it. Her father died a year or so ago, and Jan was always coming in and telling stories about her mom slowly succumbing to the effects of Alzheimer's. Her mom was very stubborn and refused to go into a nursing home, even after she fell in her driveway and broke her glasses into her cheeks and scraped up her knees and her face. So Jan started working part time, spending a few hours with Nadine in the mornings and coming to work during the day, and then going back to feed her dinner. (She couldn't cook for herself anymore and tended to only eat doughnut holes and drink Coke, after setting the table for five or six every day.) After awhile, Nadine stopped being able to tell day from night, often calling Jan several times in the middle of the night because "she was late for her doctor's appointment." Poor Jan was having a lot of trouble trying to keep up at work and keep up with her mom, who needed more and more attention. So Jan finally asked for a week's vacation so she could go somewhere and relax while her brother took care of Nadine. But last Saturday, two days before Jan's vacation, her mom complained of a rash on her calf that hurt. They took her to the doctor, who told them it was gangrene. She went downhill very quickly from there - she was admitted into the hospital on Saturday and everybody was told on Sunday that she was going to make it two or three days and that was it. She had a stroke while in the hospital, and a blood infection that made her kidneys fail, and fluid in her lungs, and her heart wasn't doing very well. She was in a coma 90% of the time, Jan's husband said when he called on Tuesday, and would wake up every 3 hours or so when the morphine ran out, to bring her hands to her mouth (which meant she was in pain) and they'd give her more morphine.

She made it until Friday, and then passed away. Tomorrow is her funeral, and while I hadn't the pleasure of meeting her before she went, I'm going to go to support Jan because I know she's not taking it well at all. (She hadn't eaten between Saturday and Tuesday when her husband called.)

Phew, that was long. Sorry. :)
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