Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

What a disgustingly gorgeous morning. When I went to run at 20 to 6, the sky was clear except for a few wispy little clouds near the horizon, which turned pink as the sun started to come up. I came back inside, took a shower, puttered around, and took the dog out to play - and it was all cloudy! Some of them are even dark grey, like they have rain in them, but I'm sure they won't give me any of it. Oh well.

I was jogging through campus this morning when a white car started driving really slow near me. It stopped a few feet beyond where I was running, and I ignored it (outwardly) and kept going. A minute later there it was again, driving slow. It got far enough ahead that once it got to the corner it wasn't sure whether to turn right or go straight, and it chose to turn. It's one of those roads with a wide grassy (and tree-y) median so I crossed the first half and the median and watched the car start to back up. So I turned right on the other side of the street, and it started going forwards again. Luckily there was a big truck parked on my side of the street, so when I got behind it and couldn't see the car anymore I turned around and went the other way. That got rid of the car. I don't know if they were following me or not, but I didn't like that it looked like they were.

The scale wasn't kind to me today. Someone I know must remember to eat decent meals instead of snacking on honey roasted peanuts all morning or having hot dogs for dinner.
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