Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

Hola from Cory's office.

We got up late and had a quick breakfast and took the dog out and spent two hours at Oil Can Henry's getting the oil changed and the engine flushed and then came here so Cory could work and I could crochet. I then went looking for a hairpin lace loom, and there is apparently one in the whole of Corvallis, and it's too small. Poo. So then I came back here.

We're listening to Barenaked Ladies. I'm crocheting a purse inspired by someone in crochet. I have a skein of purple boucle that's begging to be made into something to be worn in the cooler fall evenings. And I have some teal bamboo yarn that I was planning on making into a tank top, but as it's August and I have a Stitch Diva pattern that would work decently (though it won't be soft, it'll be drapy!) with that yarn.

Oh yeah. Last night we saw 40 Year Old Virgin and Red Eye. They were decent.

Before that, I was at work for over nine hours. I was determined to finish the log accounting, and I did, all except for one mistake that I made. That's OK though. Everything else is ready, and that's what I wanted.

I've been so busy at work the past two weeks because Jan was out (the one who's mom was sick and then died - I don't think I ever wrote about the funeral. Maybe I should.) and I have to do all my work plus some of Jan's work plus most of Courtney's work so I can learn it well enough that I can do it when she's gone at the end of the month.

It's going to be September really soon. Scary. But I'm glad 'cause that means I'll be in California soon. Which reminds me - I need to research BART some more.

EDIT: I just looked at the BART website. It was going to cost us each over $9 just to take Bart from Joel's house to a couple of miles from the zoo. We would have had to take a bus after that as well. And that's just one way! We will be braving the scary downtown San Fran traffic, I believe. Funny to think that it's cheaper to drive in California than to take public transportation.
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