Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

Saturdays always go by too fast.

I did some straightening up in the morning and Cory and I went to the library and Barnes & Noble to pick up a book I had on hold and so he could find one about web sites. Then I took him to work and came home and waited for solteronita.

Nicoal and I went to Heritage Mall in Albany and tried on glasses at Binyons. I found some sunglass frames that I liked and then I realized there was a BOGO sale so I found some other frames too. I will take some pictures sometime. They're black plastic frames, thicker geeky ones, but they're cute.

While the frames were being processed, we looked at Target and Deb and most of the other shops that were interesting. I tried on Croc shoes again because I still think they're cute, and we realized that they seem to look better on larger girls, because they're so wide.

Then we ate at Red Robin, where I asked for a box for half of my chicken wrap, put the wrap in it, and left it on the table when we left. I'm a smartie.

Binyons was returned to, glasses were fitted, and then we came back home. When we got home, there were two messages on the phone, one from Cory's sister and one from his dad. His dad never calls, so we immediately thought something must be wrong with Cory's stepmom - she has had cancer for years and is pretty frail. But no, it was Cory's great-aunt Margaret. She and her husband had just celebrated their 60th anniversary a few months ago. She'd been in the hospital with fluid in her lungs, I think, when Cory's grandparents went up to visit. So we're going to her funeral on Monday, which will be nice because we didn't get to go to the family reunion last weekend or so, and we will be able to see all of Cory's family. Joel called yesterday afternoon too and said he'd try to make it up here.

So as Cory was making arrangements on the phone and stuff, Nicoal and Remmy and I went to the little swimming hole at Avery Park that we go to occasionally. Remmy had a great time finding sticks, and I went in and waded for a few minutes up to my thighs. Marys River is pretty low right now - there was a spot in the middle that was only a few inches deep, when really it should be like a foot at least.

When we got home, we sat around for a few minutes and watched TV, and then Nicoal left and we went to Hollywood Video to get three Alcatraz movies. (As we will be going to Alcatraz in a week and a half, Cory thought it might be nice to watch some movies about it.) We watched The Birdman of Alcatraz last night. It was decent, but when I actually learned about the REAL Birdman of Alcatraz, and found out that he wasn't this sympathetic man whose murderous mind was healed by the canaries he raised in prison, I didn't like it as much. Apparently when the movie came out in '62, a year before Robert Stroud died, people who went to see it demanded that the poor prisoner be set free. Really, he was a lot of trouble in prison.

Anyway, I did laundry while we were watching Birdman, and on my first load I started hearing an odd sound all of a sudden. I ran out there and the utility sink that the washer empties out into was overflowing all over the floor because there was lint in the drain. So that took a few minutes to clean up. Luckily even though there was a lot of water on the floor, I kept it from flowing out of the laundry room. I'm glad there's a drain in the floor in there.

And now it's Sunday. I sort of have a three-day weekend, which is sort of nice. (I met Margaret a few times, but I wasn't close to her so I'm not really all that sad - except I never made it to her house even though every time she saw us she invited us over.) Today will be spent cleaning the bathroom and the car, and finishing the laundry, and perhaps beginning to pack for California.
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