Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

This morning as I left my car to go into the office, I heard a couple of meows. I thought they might be birds, though, as the sounds were quiet and cats don't really belong in the mill parking lot.

But they did turn out to be meows - when Kerrie came in she was carrying a kitten! He looked like he was about 2 months old and he was the sweetest thing in the whole world. He was very lovey and when he let us hold him upside down on his back and pet him all over. He was covered in fleas, and Amy went out and got a flea comb. I made several passes over him and probably got about 30 fleas. Poor baby. There was flea poop all over his head too.

So we kept him all day and gave him love and played with him and amazingly still got work done. When I left the plan was that he'd be taken to the vet hospital in Corvallis and be a vet kitty. What a sweetheart he was.
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