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Where was I? Oh yeah, Thursday.

We visited Grandma and Grandpa again on Thursday. Grandma had some more old pictures for me, and a bunch of letters that Mom wrote to them in the early '80s. We got there just after lunch and then went home after having dinner with them down at the bottom of the hill where Haley and I used to go get ice cream. Well, a few doors down in that same little strip mall thing.

After our visit, we grabbed Joel and went to Muir Beach. Of course, the road leading to it was closed. So we went a different way and just past the parking lot to Muir the street was closed too, but we got in. It was past ten at night, and there was only one other group there, around a little tiny bonfire, so we went walking and looking for crabs and things. We found several. It was really pretty out there - just the perfect temperature and almost no wind. We spent an hour there and then I slept all the way home. Ahh. :)

Friday we had another greasy diner breakfast and then drove through Napa Valley with Joel. It was pretty. We stopped at the V. Sattui winery first. It was so busy that when we went to the free tasting room, the guy served us the same wine twice, so we left. We wanted to find someplace that wasn't so busy that we couldn't chat with the guy behind the counter.

Next we went to Beringer because Cory'd been there before and remembered a good tour. But they started charging $15 for the tour, and $10 for the tasting. So we walked around it a teensy bit and then left. We drove through Calistoga (as in the water, where they bottle it) and then turned around and went back through Napa. One of the wineries had a sign that said "Crushing Today," which sounded like fun, so we went to St. Supery which of course wasn't crushing at that time. But they had a self-guided tour and a display mini-vineyard that we walked through, and we bought a bottle of wine there.

We also had dinner and a short tour through Sonoma, which had a neat mission and a couple of other historic buildings.

Saturday was the Bar Mitzvah. I'm glad I bought a shawl a few days before, because the top I found was kind of low-cut for a church thing. The Torah was paraded around, and then Jordan read a passage in Hebrew and then talked about what his interpretation of the verses are. There was a lot of singing, and a lot of standing up and sitting down. It was really interesting though. Then there was a buffet lunch, and after that Cory and I went with my aunt and uncle and cousin and her fiance to Ikea, since we'd never been there before. Of course, even though we followed them 95% of the way, we got separated and then lost. But we eventually found it and we eventually found them inside (that place is gigantic) and I got out of there and only bought one thing - a cute little lantern for only $6.99. We got lost again getting out of there and hung out awhile in Concord after trying unsuccessfully to get back there before Joel left so I could get into the apartment to change my shoes. Poor feeties. We had coffee and took silly pictures of each other for an hour, and then drove back to the synagogue for the party at night. Lots of thirteen years old girls with really really short skirts. We ate dinner and then Grandma grabbed Cory and dragged him to the dance floor, which was kind of annoying.

We left halfway through to have some sleep, and then we started this morning at 5 to drive back up here. We got here at 2 or 3 in the afternoon and the cat has been glued to us since then. She has no voice because she's been meowing all week for us. Poor baby. But she's purring away on my arm right now. Silly thing.

OK, must fold this last load of laundry and go to sleeeeep. Sleeeeeeeep.
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