Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

25 minutes of running today, and a sideache the entire time. I know what to do to fix it now, in the short-term, but I think the real cure will just be time. I also decided to shake things up a bit and speed up for my last three minutes. It actually felt good, letting my legs stretch out to their full stride rather than these little short slow steps I've been taking. I want to be able to run full out like that during my entire run.

The week before I left for California, I weighed 183. I ate a lot of bad-for-me stuff there, and didn't run all three days, and I was sure the scale was going to reflect that... but now I weigh 178.5 so that was a nice surprise to start my day with. :)

And now off to work.
Tags: exercise
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