Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

Right before the alarm went off, I dreamed that I went on a trip. It was probably to San Francisco, but Disneyland was there as well as incognita, and my family was all visiting too.

During my visit, I spent an hour at most at Gen's house as she was having a party. And when I got back to my family gathering, there was a big envelope waiting for me on my chair that had the bill for going to Gen's party - just over a thousand dollars. Apparently she'd kept all her receipts for everything she bought for the party, added everything up and divided it by the number of guests and billed everybody. I was mad because I didn't stay long and didn't even have a drink but was being billed in part for the alcohol. I woke up trying to figure out how to tell her I wasn't paying her stupid bill.

Last night I got a major papercut on the tip of my right ring finger. It's one of those that bleeds a little and then is very visible for a couple of days. That'll teach me to get papers together to throw into the boiler. (Much easier than shredding!)
Tags: dreams
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