Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

I love the rain so much. Especially after three months of too hot and too sunny and too sweaty. Rain makes me feel so refreshed and energized, like it's watering me so my leaves will stop wilting.

Tonight we walked down to AJ's. The streets were quiet, and this will probably be the last Friday night it's like that until summer comes again. Even the bar was relatively quiet, until some college kids came in and reunited, with lots of hugging and high-pitched "HI, I'VE MISSED YOU!"s. We moved to a booth and that helped a bit.

Tonight's drink was mango rum, fresh mint, limes and a little sugar. I love fresh mint.

Tonight's dessert, had later at New Morning Bakery, was raspberry bread pudding. I'm not sure what was up with their featured artist - half of the paintings being displayed were of scissors in various places (hanging from a tree, sitting in a can on a shelf, hanging from something outside of our vision in front of a house, that kind of thing). Weird.

Then we walked home arm in arm and smelled the good smells of fall and quiet and fresh.

You know, I can even feel a new story coming into my head that will need to come out on paper soon.
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