Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,


Went to Costco, got salmon fillets and my last pack of pills that they owed me.

Went to G.I. Joe's, got a flier about the Pumpkin Run which happens on October 16th. (Nicoal, do you want to go? I can sign you up!)

Went to Fred Meyer, got school supplies for Cory and looked at Halloween stuff. There wasn't much this year, which was sad. Sometimes Fred's has really good Halloween stuff.

Went to Burgerville, got fish and chips and a huckleberry milkshake. So bad.

Went to Staples, got more school supplies and realized we needed to go back later for CD-R's and a new phone battery. (We'll do that today.)

Came home so we'd be guaranteed a spot to park, as this weekend is Fall Festival and last night was a home football game.

Walked to the jewelers, where I dropped off my wedding ring to be resized. (I can't believe my finger was ever a size 6!)

Walked to Fall Festival, where we found a print from this 20-something that we liked.

Walked to the bank to get cash.

Walked to Peak Sports to look for a watch for Cory.

Walked back to Fall Festival, where we bought the print we wanted.

Walked home, sat for a minute or two.

Walked to the OSU bookstore.

Walked home, realized the Fall Festival has a 5k. Realized I could run a 5k.

Walked to 5-Star Sports, registered for the 5k.

Walked home, had a phone call from Haley, ate pizza, took a nap, not in that order.

In an hour and a half I'll be running my first 5k since the Starlight Run in 2003(?) where I cried most of the way through because the spectators were yelling mean things to me about walking, and at the end I vowed I'd never run a 5k again. But that was when I'd just go run a 5k without training for it, like Cory. :)
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