Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

What a gorgeous weekend. The weather part anyway.

It started off as not-so-great with the advent of a cold. On Friday I went in to work for an hour and fifteen minutes and then went home. I slept for a couple of hours until Cory got home from school to pick up the car and go to work, and then I lied there and watched TV for the rest of the day with a pretty angry fever. I had a small window in which to take another DayQuil (when the window closed it would have been too late for me to take a NyQuil - I was planning on going to bed early) and I missed it so I was unmedicated during the afternoon and coughing up all sorts of fun junk.

After a surprisingly good sleep Friday night, Saturday felt much better, although I think I still had a little bit of a fever. My nose had gotten stuffed during the night, which is my least favorite part of having a cold, but it wasn't awful.

Saturday Cory finished the tiling of our Halloween window decoration, which I shall share with you when it's completely done. We went in to his work to print it out, and came back home so I could start on it. It was fun. I went shopping for some fabric, and brought it home and cut and taped and cut some more, and ended up with almost everything I needed to start sewing on Sunday.

Which I did. Lots of sewing. A bit of hand sewing on the smaller more detailed parts like the bats and the jack-o-lantern and the spider. And the ghosts, which were made out of chiffon, which was a bitch to work with. But machine stitching everywhere else. Lots of manual machine work too, as there were lots of jagged edges to tack down. (Take one stitch, leave the needle in the fabric, lift the foot, turn the work, lower the foot, take one stitch, leave the needle in the fabric, etc. etc. etc.)

But they're all sewed now. All they need is some kind of a border, or I need to figure out whether to sew them all together or leave them separate, in which case I'll need to go to the fabric store again to get some thread that matches the background colors I used. (Ooh, I do have some thread which I can use - this is a reminder for myself to look in the hall closet for my bag of temari ball supplies.)

Yesterday we also went to Fred Meyer where I suddenly required a very annoying Halloween toy. It's a coffin which, when you press the little button on the front, lowers the front and pops out a scary head with glowing red eyes and screams bloody murder at you. It's very loud. Cory hates it. :)

Tonight I will probably get the rest of my meager supply of Halloween decorations out. I love Halloween, I just don't have a lot of space to put decorations, both when they're being displayed and when they're in storage.

Ramble ramble ramble. OK bye.
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