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Last night I went to bed because I was mad at the binding I was putting on the window panels. I ran out of fusible tape halfway through the last side of the big witch panel and ended up sewing it, but the slippery binding was being frustrating, so I stopped.

And then this morning I finished the witch and decided the machete man would be OK without binding this year, and after I took Remmy out (and after she got in trouble for eating something she found on the other end of the park) I came back and cleaned up the living room. And vacuumed. And took a couple of boxes out to the recycle bin after I was sure the guy who was rooting around in the dumpster was gone.

So now I can clean the bedroom and put up Halloween stuff. Not that I have any space for them - everything I have is meant to be set on tables or other flat horizontal surfaces, and most of the horizontal surfaces I have are already cluttered enough. But I am a determined holiday decorator - I WILL find a way.

Next I need to finish crocheting my cardi-wrap and then I can start on Christmas ornaments. I need to decide what to make - Mom says since I'm the only one in the family who can crochet I ought to crochet as much as I can. Sounds OK to me - I just have to figure out what I'm going to make.

I also have to start on my stocking. I finished cross-stitching Cory's stocking in time for New Year's last year, and I know I won't finish mine for awhile, but I need to make hay while the sun shines, I guess. :)