Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

Ah, yoga day.

Last night was quite a lot of fun. We went up to McMenamins for dinner and beer and the company of people Cory hadn't seen in years and I had never met: Meghan, who was Cory's roommate for awhile and helped him get through his breakup with Kris; her sister Amanda, Meghan's boyfriend Kimmo and a couple of other friends that Cory remembers but hasn't really stayed in contact with. We spent four hours hanging out, mostly at McMenamins (where I had three porters) and a bit at AJ's (where I had two mojito's and some weird DJ guy started hitting on Amanda). I thought I did a pretty good job of keeping the buzz going well but not going over the edge and actually being DRUNK. Although on the way home I tripped on the edge of a sidewalk square that had been raised up by a tree root, and now Cory says the picture of me looking like I regained my balance and then sprawling on the cement will forever be ingrained in his mind. The heels of my hand still hurt a bit, but I'm not embarrassed anymore (though in my alcohol-induced... not haze, but I'll use that; I cried in embarrassment). Another day will tell if I get a bruise on my hip. Heh.

It's very rare that we go out and drink more than one beer, and hang out with people; and the company this time was very likable - if ever in Portland again, I will definitely look Amanda up if she wants to hang out - (and I guess if I'm ever in NY I'll look Meg up, heh). I had a very good time. Thanks to everybody I got to meet. :)
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