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On Saturday morning I got up at my usual time and let Cory sleep while I got ready to go over to Redmond for my grandma's 70th birthday party. Mom and Dennis have been trying to get rid of their '93 Honda for a few months, and I finally told them I'd take it; but I couldn't get it back without hitching a ride with someone else going over for the party, so I drove to my aunt's house at 6am and loaded my things into their car and went over the Cascades that way. I'd never been to the Detroit Lake area; it was pretty, especially right now with all the big leaf maples turning colors.

Got to Redmond at about 10, helped Mom make the lunch, greeted a bunch of other family members, ate, watched Grandma open the 70 gifts that all the kids got her. Some of them were useful, but most of them were either candy or gag gifts. Talked more, said goodbye to most of the family members, chatted with the remaining ones until late, went to bed, got up, ate breakfast, more talk, packed the car, and drove to Portland. I'd talked to Haley on Saturday about bringing some of her boxes to her from Mom's garage, because she moved into a new apartment all by herself. I was proud. So I took a carful of boxes to her and helped her unpack a bit and blew up her air mattress and took her to Target to buy her $80-worth of cleaning supplies and nails and other things that she needed. I think she's really happy there, and I'm glad to see her in her own place and being self-sufficient.

I didn't get home until bedtime last night, so it was a whirlwind trip and I felt like Grandma's birthday party lasted for five minutes.

And now it's the week before Halloween and I can't believe that next it'll be Thanksgiving and then CHRISTMAS. I feel like I have so much to do but I can't think of what yet.

Oh, if you've read this far, give me suggestions on June-Cleaver-esque-1950s-housewife music. My cousin's wedding shower is going to be 1950s housewife themed and we need music. Things like Sinatra, big-band type stuff but at the end of that era... no Beatles or Elvis because that's too risque. The shower sounds like it's going to be tons of fun. I think we should all dress up.
Tags: daytrips
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