Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

What?! November?!

Last night before bed I took down the Halloween panels, so now we can see out the windows. It's nice. Tonight I will finish taking down the Halloween decorations and will start really focussing on Christmas stuff. Not decorations, crafts.

it is absolutely POURING out there right now. I got caught in it when I was out with the dog, and it was really weird - pouring, good-sized gusts of wind, and the sun shining just over the horizon, making everything oddly bright. Very cool.

We needed to finish our weekend movies last night, so we watched Rosemary's Baby and didn't like it. The suspense was really good, but I don't like suspense that doesn't really end. You've got a knot in your gut for the entire movie, it's nice to get it untangled by the end. But no such luck. That's OK though. Then I watched the first few minutes of Cinderella, which Cory gave to me for a Halloween present.

Wow, it's still pouring. I can hear the rain on the window and the gutters overflowing onto the sidewalk.

Off to Starbucks!
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