Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

Cold mornings are good for cuddling.

Our pipes were fixed yesterday while we were at work. I like that the magical maintenance fairy comes in and fixes stuff for us. I will miss that when we buy a house, even if I did have to call them fifteen times before they came out.

So the dishes are in the dishwasher and a bunch more have been washed, and the kitchen counters aren't full of cleaning supplies anymore. It looks much better.

I also vacuumed last night. I'm such a cleaning freak. (Not really.)

Tonight I'm taking the gal who does sales for us to yoga with me. She's been really stressed out lately because the market isn't so good right now, and I think yoga might help, if she can get herself to ignore her problems and focus on herself for an hour and a half.

Yesterday I talked to the guy who owns the duplex in Philomath about going to look at the place. We had a good chat, and he told me about the apartment a bit, and he said he'd have his wife call us in the evening and set up a time to meet and look at the place. She didn't call. I hope that doesn't set a precedent because I like landlords to be easy to get a hold of. But the guy sounded really nice, and I liked him. Oh well, maybe we'll hear from her tonight. Probably while I'm at yoga. Boo.

My new coat should be here tomorrow!
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