Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

We got our keys today, and I spent three hours with the rented steam cleaner and the vacuum cleaner and a wet rag, washing down walls and sucking the cranefly carcasses off the ceilings. We also took measurements and pictures, which will be forthcoming tomorrow, perhaps.

Then we saw Harry Potter. It was eh. And then right after the climax the film broke and the lights went up and the ad slides started. It was funny. They fixed it a few minutes later but we missed a little bit of the film I think. Oh well. And the lights never did go back down until the credits started rolling, and then everybody had to leave in the dark. Heh.

Cory wanted to go to a movie because he had a feeling the neighbors were going to party and he didn't want to be here during it. Well, he was right. The stairwell reeks of pot as usual, and there's a good bass beat going on and lots of kids yelling. Neither of us are talking about it but I'm sure we're both thinking the same thing. Thank goodness we only have to be here for a little while longer. Yes, Philomath is a ways away from places we want to go, like movies and downtown Corvallis and stuff, but at least it's quiet.

Tomorrow will consist of packing. How exciting.
Tags: moving
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