Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

I can't get into my email. All the other web pages I've tried to load have been fine, but my email is mad at me.

Did I tell the story of the line to see Harry Potter on Saturday night? I don't think I did. So I will now.

We got to the theater at 6:15pm and the line for the 7pm showing was already a couple of dozen people long. We were going to go to Safeway to get candy but we didn't want to risk being further back in the line, so we stayed where we were.

Meanwhile, the line got longer and longer, and stretched around the perimeter of the lobby and then cut through the middle of it, kind of like a big 6. The top of the 6 was the door to the theater, and we were down in the cirle part of 6, and then all the way at the end of the line were people who had crossed the middle part of the line. Cory and I joked that people weren't going to pay attention and would go around the circle of the 6 instead of going up the neck of it and into the theater... and then it actually happened. A bunch of people in front of us went around the circle, so we went around behind them and got in the real line and got into the theater way before it was full. Ha.
Tags: humor
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