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This afternoon, I sold the Honda! I forget if I even mentioned I had it. When I went to my grandma's birthday party in October I hitched a ride to Redmond with my aunt and I drove Mom's old Honda home. They gave the car to me so I'd have maximum profit.

So the Honda is gone and there's a pile of cash on the kitchen counter. Don't break into my house and steal it please. I don't want to go all the way to Corvallis just to deposit it, so I'll take it tomorrow.

Cory's got finals this week. He did Calculus today, and said he did pretty well. He has to get a D on his Economy final to ace the class, and Anthropology isn't much harder than that. So Wednesday marks the beginning of a month that he doesn't have to go to school. And then in a couple of weeks he has two weeks off from work in a row.

Remmy's leaning on my arm and it's hard to move it.