Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

Paul Bunyan and his GIRLFRIEND! (Hey, what "real" girl could handle all that wood?)

"Giant statues of Paul Bunyan and Babe the blue ox guard the entrance of Trees of Mystery, as a
mid-morning crowd pours off the coast highway to embrace freaky Redwood hooha. Paul's right hand
gives a continual sluggish wave as his breast-pocket loudspeaker greets all who enter in cheery
lumberjack fashion. 'Hiya, kids. Hi, folks.'
Most of Paul's banter involves describing the clothes that people at his
feet are wearing, so they don't think he's a recording. 'Hello,'re wearing a blue sweatshirt! And the lady next to you is
wearing a green jacket!' He'll also answer your size questions (Paul is 49
ft. tall, has a 24 ft. long axe, and 10 ft. high boots.)"

"According to a historic display, the original Bunyan, constructed in
1946, lasted only one year. Paul's head, made of paper mache, melted in the winter rains and caved in. "
Tags: cory, daytrips
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