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Yesterday I contemplated calling Park Place to give them my new address for their W2. I decided not to, but then of course last night I dreamed about it. I was serving food and coffee to people, and Lynn said "you need to be cutting people's food now!" and I smiled at her and said "I'm SO glad to be back!" all sarcastically. It shut her up, and I went around and cut food for people.

I also dreamed about one of the residents, who I'm pretty sure passed away. She was there and didn't have dementia anymore and she and I hugged like we were best friends and we'd missed each other while I was gone.

Today I'm cleaning the kitchen. I discovered mildew on the wall behind the washing machine so I've been scrubbing down everything. Next on the list is the bathroom, and maybe I'll put some purdies up in the living room. We shall see.