Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

Sicky sicky. I woke up many times last night. My throat hurts and my neck is sore from sleeping funny. And I keep clenching my jaw.

Last night at 3:30am the hugest, loudest, longest roar I ever heard woke Cory and me up. It was thunder but it lasted for at least 30 seconds and was so loud that it shook the entire house. I stayed awake a bit longer to see if I could hear sirens because I wasn't so sure it was thunder, but it was. Even in my two thunderstorm seasons in the midwest I never heard thunder like that. It was pretty cool. There was just one and then pouring pouring rain and then it was over.

Today I'm going to Salem to visit my mom and aunt and grandma and we're going to plan my cousin's wedding shower. Woot.
Tags: weather
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