Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

Well, we had quite a night last night.

Cory poked me like I asked him to, and I got up and put on my shoes and a jacket and went outside. The sound of the kitchen door opening made the one dog in the neighbors' back yard howl, which made the one on the roof howl too. But then as soon as it saw me, the one on the roof started barking at me. I took two pictures.

Of course by this time the other dog was barking too, and when I went back in Cory was up putting on shoes, and we both went next door. We had to knock three times before anyone answered (besides the dog on the roof, which was now the other dog that had been in the back yard, and the dog in the house, and the dog that was now in the back yard), and when we asked the sleepy guy to get his dogs off the roof he looked at us really weird, and shut the door. I went around the side of the house to see if he was actually doing anything, and I heard him whistling to the dog on the roof, and I went back to bed.

Not even five minutes later, it started again. But this time the dogs were barking at nothing, and running around play-fighting on the roof. All three of them. Every time I'd almost drift off to sleep another one would bark. So Cory got up and knocked on the door again, and then came back to call the police when nobody answered.

I was in bed when the police got here, but the dogs went nuts of course, and the officer had to knock quite a few times in order to get anyone to answer the door. But the neighbor finally took all three of the dogs inside and it was finally quiet for the rest of the night.
Tags: duplex
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