Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

I'm a bad blogger. Sorry.

Let's start with last week! Well, let's start before that. Two Thursdays ago I found out that Stitch 'n' Bitch Crochet: The Happy Hooker was in stock at Borders. So I went down and looked for it, and asked a few people about it, and found out that it was indeed there; it was just in a box in their back room. They assured me that it would be unpacked that night and they had me reserve it so that I'd get a phone call when it was out. It took them six days to get it out of that box. Oy. So it's sitting on the floor in front of me (I need a coffee table) and there are patterns that I like and patterns that I don't (why do we need irony in crochet? Maybe I just don't see it as a "grandma craft" and when people try to prove that it isn't their irony is lost on me. I don't know) and I will be making a few (I love your bag, Julie - it'll probably be the first one I try).

The day Borders finally called me was my 26th birthday. It was a very low-key birthday, with my birthday dinner being pre-empted (by my choice) by Dungeon Siege. (Cory's week has been pretty quiet as far as work and classes go, so I wanted to make the most of relaxation and together-time and let him have fun too.) He got me a few DVDs so that I can get rid of the last VHS holdouts in the media cabinet, and my coworkers gave me a gift certificate to JoAnn Fabrics.

Oh yeah, and sometime last week I went to LBCC to talk to an advisor about getting my Accounting Clerk certificate. Turns out I'm three credits away from an associate's degree, so I'm just going to take one more health class as well as my accounting clerk stuff and I'll have a (sort-of) degree. That was easy!

The only other day of note was yesterday, in which we both got a lot done. While Cory went to the library to do some research for his statistics class, I went to the local yarn shop and spent quite a while trying to find just the right color and weight and material for a new project of which I cannot speak much. I found two that worked pretty well, and though I'm sad that I didn't get to use the bamboo yarn I wanted to use (it wasn't the right color) I'm pretty satisfied with what I did find. I think. I haven't actually worked with it yet. :)

After Cory was finished, we met up at Starbucks for a little more research (yay for stealing someone else's wifi so we don't have to pay for Starbucks wireless!) and then had lunch at McMenamins, and then came home to grab the dog and take her to Bald Hill for a nice walk. It was the best part of the day, with some good sunshine and warm enough to go without jackets. There's an old barn partway up the hill with an off-leash area just beyond and Remmy gathered oak branches that were all over the grass. It was really nice to get out in the fresh air and use our muscles that were kind of getting annoyed at us playing Dungeon Siege for so long.

Today I played with Tunisian crochet darts. I'll talk more about it in LoopDeDoo I think.

It's been a good week! And tomorrow I'm off to LBCC again to find the accounting advisor so he can tell me which classes I can test out of (I don't think I need a three month 10-key class).
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