Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

Today I took my Dansko shoes in to the Birkenstock store to get them repaired. (The Birkenstock store stocks all the nice comfy shoes - like Chaco and Dansko and Teva etc.) They'd told me over the phone that they send the shoes away to be repaired, so I was expecting a couple of weeks of wearing my more uncomfortable heels and wishing it were warm enough for me to wear sandals. (Tangent: people are already wearing their flip flops this year. Oregonians are weird. Well, high school and college girls in Oregon are weird, I guess.) Anyway, there was a big crack running halfway across where the ball of my foot was, and was half an inch deep, on the left sole; and the right one was starting to get a bit cracked as well. The clerk said he'd never seen Danskos break down like that, and after taking the shoe in the back to talk to the repair lady, he came back and said that even though I didn't buy the shoes at that store, they were going to take the broken ones to send back to Dansko and they'd give me new ones for free! That was an unexpected happiness!

On Sunday two of my aunts, one uncle and a grandma came to see me. We went into Corvallis to go to an antique store, where I found a blue and white gingham apron to wear to my cousin's wedding shower, and a reddish orange enamel bowl. It's such a pretty bowl - the enamel is worn off around the top edge. It looks well-loved. And for some reason I'm liking the orangey reds right now. After we finished shopping I made chicken corn chowder. It was easy and reeeeally good. Grandma commented that it was really fun for a granddaughter to be cooking for her instead of the other way around. Heck, if she visited more she'd have lots more fun!

After my whirlwind designing/writing/editing binge for crochet, I needed a break. But now I'm ready to go again. Except I'd like to just follow a pattern for a change. Maybe something from S&B (Julie's pretty bag is on the top of my gotta-make list from that book)... anybody have a list of to-be-crocheted patterns that they'd like to share?
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