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Yesterday I booked it out of work early and ran up to Portland. I hit rush hour, but it wasn't too bad. I met rini at solteronita's house and we carpooled downtown, where we had Thai food for dinner and then went to the Roseland theater for Guster!

But first, we had to listen to several songs by David Berkeley. They were all the same tempo, and they were all slow, and they were all about rain. Not a very good way to get people excited and ready for a headliner. But oh well.

Then we watched the roadies set up the stage, which took forever, and then Guster came out and played their set. 'Twas nice. They're fun to see live, and this time they sang on key, which really helped. (I think the last time I saw them in Portland, Ryan's monitor must not have been working quite right because he sang at least one song WAY sharp.) I called Cory during Fa Fa, and I woke him up, which I didn't know until later because I couldn't hear anything but the band. Quote of the night, via Adam: "Don't be afraid, just rock."

It was almost 11 when we got out, and after Erin dropped us off at Nicoal's house I grabbed my stuff and headed over to Dad's, where I stayed up until after 1am. Dad's a night owl.

In the morning it was Cory's turn to wake me up, which he did at 7 while he was taking Remmy out. I dozed for awhile after we hung up, and when Dad and Bonnie woke up it was 7:30 and time to get going.

Dad and I went to Haley's house, where I got to hold Haley's roommate's 7-week-old boy. (His mom said "do you want him?" to me and I said "ooh, to keep?! Or to hold?" She didn't think it was that funny but I did.) After 10 minutes of that it was time to go have breakfast, which we did at a diner in downtown Gresham. It was across the street from a toy store that we used to go into when we were young, so we went back in for old time's sake. They had a whole boy scout section, with brochures on how to earn patches (or whatever they're called) and uniforms and all kinds of things. It was kind of weird.

Then we dropped Haley off and I dropped Dad off and I went to Beaverton, accidentally by way of OHSU. (I took a wrong turn and ended up downtown, and then took a few more wrong turns and ended up having to drive through the patient drop-off roundabout up on the hill.) I made it to Columbia Sportswear and had good chats with people, and had lunch at a Hawaiian place in the strip mall down the street, and had kind of half of a tour with Donnita, and went into the employee store. They had to move the store to a different building, which gave them lots more room, but it seems like they don't have much more merchandise - it's just more spread out. But I found a couple of shirts anyway 'cause I'm just really talented at shopping.

And then I drove back home and here I am, with a triple grande nonfat cappuccino on the arm of the couch and an antsy dog on the floor and the neighbors dogs on the roof again. Now that it's daytime I had a good chance to take some pictures of them. The guys down the street saw me and yelled "hey, can you email that picture to us?" And every couple of minutes I can hear people exclaiming as they walk past the duplex and see the dogs up there. At least they've been kind of subdued - they've only run across the roof once since I've been home.

I had a headache all evening and it stretched into an all-day thing today, and now it's looking like it's finally going away. I think it had to do with not drinking enough water, driving in Portland traffic, not having enough sleep last night, and not having coffee until 4pm. But I'm OK now, don't worry.

And now I'm off to take Remmy out so she'll stop staring at me.
Tags: daytrips
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