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This morning Cory and I both had classes at the same time. I had my business 101 class, which was an hour of the teacher explaining the difference between our and are and their and there and how UR not allowed to txt msg 4 papers. Or something.

Then I rushed around work.

Then I went to my Microsoft Word class, a bit early so I could talk to the teacher about challenging it. Turns out I can only challenge 1 credit of the 3, and I have to do the rest of it as actual course work. So I'm going in tomorrow to talk to the head of the department and we'll work something out. I didn't know it was a go-at-your-own-pace type of thing (the schedule says M/W 11-12:50, F 11-11:30 - that sounds much more like lectures and labs), so I may just do all of the work. It wouldn't hurt to have a refresher course, though I have a feeling I'll zip right through it.

Then I bought dog food and came home to two (two!) baby shower invitations in the mail.

Now I shall watch more Gilmore Girls and hug my birthday boy and maybe eat a strawberry.


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Apr. 5th, 2006 01:45 pm (UTC)
I took a similar self-paced class on MS Word a few years ago when I was working toward my AA. Early in the term, whenever I was bored, I would binge on doing like five lessons at once such that I finished the whole thing in about three weeks. I did learn some useful keystrokes, though.

When I took English 101 (which isn't really the same as Business 101, but it has a similar curriculum) I too was kind of surprised at the amount of time spent on grammar and spelling. Oh well, you're ahead of the game anyway!
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