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Here's why I'm sad today:

A. When I left my wet laundry hung over my basket on Friday to go to Cory's for the weekend, it was a bad idea.
1. My red camisole bled on some other shirts.
a. My only white camisole
b. My WOU Into the Woods t-shirt
1. I don't wear the t-shirt much, but when I do I don't like red spots on it.
B. My room is a mess.
1. My still-damp clothes are hanging over every available surface
2. I kind of unpacked from Cory's, but there are CDs and books in piles all over.
3. Vladimir's cage is REALLY dirty.
C. I've got to run errands.
1. I have GOT to turn this check in to the bank, or else they'll charge me much money.
2. When I went to Gap, the lady forgot to take that big ugly plastic thingy off my pants. I have to go get that fixed.
3. I need to go looking for jobs.
D. Job-hunting isn't working very well.
1. Lots of jobs require a car - either they're not within walking distance or they tell me they require a car.
2. I don't have a fax machine but lots of these jobs want me to fax my resumé
3. There aren't very many jobs, period.
E. I can't get a hold of anybody.
1. Cory won't write back to me because he's at work.
2. George hasn't contacted me since last week.
3. Rachel is at a class.
F. My back and neck hurt from sitting at this messed-up computer.
G. I miss you!