Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

Last night I dreamed I was in the middle of what kind of seems now to be an RPG but in my dream it was real life. I was in a big old building with some other kids and the big kid had us step on a mat one at a time and touch it with our fingers. The place we touched would rise up and become handlebars and we suddenly had flying scooter things, which we rode out the window and into the next part of the game. In each part, we had to settle into a new town and sell something so we could make enough money to go to the next town and sell something bigger. In the first town we lived in the graveyard and sold bones. At some point I gave a girl a pile of black fabric pieces that I'd knitted or crocheted and told her what kind of sweater I wanted from it. Then later all the kids criticized me for using such thin yarn on the sweater and said it was going to look really ugly. I didn't believe them because I was winning the game, and I'd gotten to the next level so quickly. I went back to get the sweater and it was gorgeous - it kind of resembles a sketch I made a few months ago, but the neckline was a bit different. But I put it on right away and everybody ooh-ed and ah-ed over it. Then Cory woke me up.
Tags: dreams
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