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Friday was a looooong day. I got to work at 7am, took an hour lunch at noon, worked until 6pm, took a 15-minute dinner break, and then worked until 8pm. I got a lot done though.

On Saturday morning, I barely had time to straighten up the house when my coworker came over with her kids. Her oldest son mowed the lawn for me, and Delilah and I had coffee and chatted. I did some studying after they left, and some grocery shopping, and went to Target to find something for my cousin's wedding shower. I also made broccoli salad and frozen frosted graham crackers to take to the party.

Sunday morning I got up and went up to Salem, and helped Mom and Grandma and my aunt set up the decorations and the food. We had all kinds of tacky '50s foods and decorations, but it ended up actually looking really pretty. (Pictures will be up in a couple of days when I retrieve my camera from Grandma's house.) When the guests all arrived, we ate and watched Taryn open her presents and had her read the happy wedding tips that people wrote her, and then it was over. We like low-key no-games parties. :)

Straight after I packed everything up and loaded the car with leftovers, it was time to run to my choir rehearsal. I got to the church fifteen minutes early and sat in the car a bit to wait for other choir members to arrive, and tried to ignore the weird looks the high school boys were giving me as they were having a barbecue.

Five minutes before the rehearsal was supposed to start, I hadn't seen anyone else so I checked my notes... and I was in the wrong spot. Luckily, I got to the right spot just before warm-up started. Phew.

And now another week has started. My goodness.

When I was in the car on the way back to Corvallis from Salem, Cory called and told me that his dad's wife finally died, on Saturday night. She'd had cancer for many years, and spent the last six weeks in hospice. I think everybody is sad but also a bit relieved that she didn't have to suffer anymore. The funeral is in Seattle this weekend, but I can't go because my choir concerts are at the same time. Cory and his siblings weren't close to their dad or his wife at all, so I don't feel horrible about not being able to go, but I'm kind of selfishly upset that I can't go because I'd like to see everybody and go to Seattle, even if it's not to have fun.

OK, I really am going to start crocheting diaper bags now.
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