Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

This morning I had a three hour choir rehearsal at LBCC, where I had a headache the entire time and my feet hurt after standing for so long. So when I came home I ate lunch and took a nap. It wasn't long enough, but I felt better afterwards, and crocheted most of the afternoon so I could relax a bit. I have homework, but I just wanted to rest. So then I got dressed and ready, and went to LBCC a bit early so that I could crochet more and just be there in the quiet before people showed up.

The concert was pretty good, but there were a few shaky parts. It's kind of to be expected, as we have had six rehearsals for an hour's worth of music, and some of it is pretty tricky. The director was saying the other night that usually for every minute of music in a concert, professional choirs spend 25 minutes rehearsing. For high school choirs it's more like 40 or 50 minutes per minute of music. We spend 12 to 16 minutes rehearsing each minute of music.

So now I'm home again, folding clothes and straightening up a little and nursing my feet and my entire left arm/shoulder which is tired of holding music (I forgot about those muscles - I haven't sung in choir since 2002 I think!) and in a minute it will be bedtime and tomorrow I'll get up and do it again.

I'm looking forward to seeing Cory again. I've barely had time to miss him - I haven't spent much time at home since he left for Seattle. His brother will be dropping him off in Portland and I shall pick him up there, and maybe we'll have dinner or something and then come home. And on Monday I shall refocus my attention on homework, as choir will be all done. Homework and Gilmore Girls.
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