Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

Adventures in Felting

I love felting. It's so much fun to pop a huge pile of wool into the washer and have it come out looking normal.

A month or so ago, I started planning a diaper bag that I could make three versions of for my friend, cousin, and sister-in-law who are all expecting in the next couple of months. I decided on brown as the main color, and then vary the accent colors.

Here is my beginning swatch, using skamamawa's ideas from quite awhile ago. (It took me forever to find that post!)

...and after running it through the machine thrice, with tennis balls. The stitches are still slightly defined, but it shrunk enough for my taste so it's what I went with. (I now need to think of something to do with felted swatches - since I can cut them into any shape I could use them for all sorts of things.)

Then I spent several weeks doing homework, being generally busy, and sitting in my spot on the couch with Trout on my lap and a nice view of my husband doing his homework but keeping one eye on the TV. I filled the crocheting portion of these weeks beginning and frogging and beginning and frogging, as I just could NOT get my gauge correct. I wasn't paying enough attention - it was two minutes of crocheting here and there, between class and work and homework.

In the meantime, last weekend my friend's baby shower came and went. My cousin's shower was two weekends ago, but I wasn't able to go so I didn't worry about her bag. I probably won't see her for awhile so that works out OK.

Here's the post-crocheting pre-felting bag. This is my least favorite part - it just looks like a lump. It's huge and has no stability so it doesn't look good in any position, not even on my pretty desk at work. My friend drew me a picture at her shower, and this approximates it pretty well. The spike stitches are purposefully sloppy - I want the bag to look kind of casual/happy-go-lucky, and I knew the definition would kind of melt into the main color a bit.

I ran the bag through the washing machine twice, and now it's smelling like a wet dog with books filling it up. (Is there such a thing as a bag form? Oh well, I don't make enough felted bags to warrant buying one anyway, if it did exist.) A picture of the finished bag will be forthcoming, as soon as the thing dries and I find a zipper and a button for it. (And maybe a snap or magnet too, as I doubt she'll want to be buttoning it and unbuttoning it over and over.)
Tags: crochet
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