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Today was full. I met solteronita and rini at Enchanted Forest right after they opened, and we spent an enchanted just-under-two-hours marveling at all the sights. We went on the log flume, where I got the least wet because I sat in the back; and I banged my nose on Nicoal's back when we got to the bottom. We crawled through the rabbit hole. We came into the Fantasy Fountains show about two minutes before it was over, and didn't wait around to see the next show. We danced to the wonderful music throughout the park. It was magical.

Then we went to Royal India, a buffet in Salem. It was yummy. I always eat way too much when I'm there.

Then the three of us parted ways and I went to my aunt's house in west Salem, and hung out for awhile and went shopping for some tops to wear at my cousin's wedding and rehearsal dinner. Online dress-shopping was a bust, and I didn't have much more luck at Meier and Frank, but I did find about a dozen cute tops. And one potentially pretty dress but it looked better on the hanger than on me, like usual. I actually had a really good time trying things on today. Usually I end up feeling fat and ugly under all those lights, trying on things that don't fit. But so many things fit today that I was in good spirits.

I stayed at my aunt's house for dinner, which was a big salad. Yum.

And now I'm home, straightening up a bit and getting ready for bed.

So, now that the weather has turned dry, I've been very excited at the amount of mold I've seen in the house (only in the bathroom a bit now!). But as soon as I let my guard down, we have another problem: sugar ants. They're all over the kitchen cupboard and on the counter, and I don't know where they're coming in. My aunt said to try talcum powder; I have baby powder and I'm trying that. At least it makes the cupboard smell nice.


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Jun. 12th, 2006 12:09 pm (UTC)
Leave out small bowls of vinegar. The ants will think it is water, and it will kill them. Plus, they'll send signals back to the nest to avoid certain places. You can also spray them with vinegar water to kill them when you see them.

If you don't already, keep ALL of your food in sealed containers. No carboard boxes or plastic bags.

Barring that, ants are a tough pest to get rid of.
Jun. 12th, 2006 01:28 pm (UTC)
Thanks for the advice. I'll definitely try vinegar.
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