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Yesterday was a LONG day. We got up and ran to Target in Albany to pick up a wedding gift for my cousin. We grabbed breakfast at Burgerville with two minutes to spare (they were about to stop serving it) and then made the trek up to Salem. Cory dropped me off at the Mission Mill Museum and went to my aunt's house to hang out for awhile while I helped most of the women in my family start to set up the Spinning Room on the third floor for the reception.

This was the "raw" room, before we did hardly anything. There were enough tables for 300 people, plus a cake table and a bar and a dessert and cheese-tray/mini-sandwich/fruit-tray/etc. buffet. On the left you can see a tall screen door leaning against the half-wall - the cake table was right in front of that. The table to the left of it was for coffee and lemonade. The angled tables with the piles of fabric on top were the bar.

And here it is all set up. We worked from 11:30am until right before the ceremony at 7:30pm. (And we worked as fast as we could, too. By the time the ceremony began, I was really happy to be able to sit down for 20 minutes.) We hung all of the white paper lanterns, put two tablecloths on each table, steamed all the tablecloths after they were put on the tables, folded 300 napkins and tied ribbons around all of them, set up the chairs, assembled lanterns, and set 4 candles on each table; and pictures and lanterns and pottery full of flowers on as well. We also hung eucalyptus wreaths on the windows, with small hanging lanterns and battery-powered candles inside.

And then we dressed the buffet tables, filled all kinds of jars with tons of candy, put cakes on plates and stands...

And then we had to set up 300 chairs outside on the lawn for the ceremony, along with a big standing umbrella, ferns, and flower petals...

The ceremony went by without a hitch. The pastor had an interesting "sermon" and the you couldn't hear the bride and groom even from the second row but that was OK. My cousin's dress was gorgeous (and she's gorgeous too!) and her bouquet smelled fantastic.

Well, there was one little hitch. Peter tried to kiss Taryn before he was supposed to. We didn't catch the actual kiss because the camera was being glitchy right then (Murphy's Law), but the almost-kiss was even better.

There's the cake. The entire wedding was very elegant. I had fun, but after setting up, helping with the cake-cutting, and then taking everything back down as fast as we could so we could get out of there by their deadline, I was crying because I was so dang tired. We ended up leaving a few minutes before they were finished, because most of the big stuff was done and there wasn't much more we could do.

I didn't know how hot it was going to be, but it ended up getting up to 94. I drank probably four bottles of water and it all came out my pores. Yick.

We got home just after 1am, took showers and crashed. They wanted us to go back up there this morning to watch the kids open their wedding presents, but we declined. It was a lot of driving for one weekend. When we woke up this morning, we were both really sore. Places that didn't hurt last night hurt this morning.

So today is a low-key hang-out kind of day, especially because says it's supposed to get up to 103 in Philomath today. That's a bit too much for me, even without being worn out. Except we may go out and look at houses if I find any - but we have AC in the car so that'll be nice.

Oh, and if you want to look at the rest of the pictures we took yesterday, they're here.
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