Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

Remmy had bloodwork and an x-ray done last night. We got the results at 1:45am. No obstructions (unless it's a sock or something), electrolytes were fine, she wasn't super dehydrated, hadn't lost hardly any weight... so we're back where we started, sort of, with a new menu for her (chicken, cottage cheese and white rice), a couple of bottles of pills (to keep the acid down and to keep her from vomiting more), and a lighter wallet ($430 lighter). They said she probably wouldn't vomit anymore now that they gave her injections, but she's vomited twice this morning so I don't know.

So the trip to Bend is still postponed, though I'm feeling a bit more confident about traveling with her; but we'll see after we get some food down her.
Tags: remmy
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