Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

Anybody want to trade bodies or minds for a day or two?

Today, I was walking to Kinko's down 23rd... first I stopped in to see Rachel's tattoo... but she was working and pretty busy and I felt kinda bad. I need to not go in there anymore. I kinda feel like the tagalong... I think I wrote about that last time I hung out with her and Sally. Whatever. I need to find some more friends who actually care about me. I think I've got one or two...

Anyway, after I left, I was walking down the street and was suddenly accosted with the smell of fall... I can't even explain it... leaves and woodsmoke and... all sorts of things... and it started hitting me about the head, with childhood memories in tow. Not memories of anything specific, per se, but just feelings. And I cried, walking down NW 23rd.
Tags: poetic
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