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New Place?

On Saturday Cory and I drove around forever in the hot sun looking for a place to live. On Sunday we drove around for a little less than forever. We saw a lot of dumps, a lot of scuzzy places, and very few decent ones. Really, the decent ones were mostly ones that didn't even have ads in the paper but I knew of them or we drove by them and stopped in for a look. helped out a bit - even though most of the ratings were from frustrated college kids who left their apartments in a mess and then were upset that they didn't get their deposits back, there were a few decent ratings from people like us who talked about the noise and ended up being able to deter us from a few places.

It ended up that the place we liked best from Sunday was right next-door to two other places that we liked from Saturday. This place is right behind the Timberhill Shopping Center, with Petco and WinCo and a couple of other places; and it's a straight (and flat) shot down Kings Avenue to OSU so biking there wouldn't be too much of a problem. If we move there, it means no more running to Dairy Queen (though there's one across the parking lot from the shopping center) or to Safeway for a snack or something; we can just go to WinCo. That will be cheaper.

The townhouses themselves are 2-level, with living room/laundry room (just hookups; we'll have to rent a washer and dryer)/half-bath/kitchen on the first floor, and bedrooms and a full bath on the second floor. I'm kind of disappointed that there's no balcony off the second floor; but there are small patios off the kitchens that have privacy fences on two sides so that you can see the front door and front walk but the walkway between the units are shielded.

I am going to miss this place, though, when we go. We have a little yard and a little apple tree and a lot of space and light. It's a cute little duplex - when you don't look too closely. I will NOT miss the mold or the ants or the freezing cold or the no-screens or the hole in the wall or the neighbors or or or or...

We're planning on living in the next place until Cory gets out of school, so this one had better be good! The manager will be calling me tomorrow or the next day to tell me when the next townhouse is available.
Tags: duplex, townhouse
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