Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

It's super extra windy this evening, even for the mid-valley. One thing I've always liked about Corvallis is that around 4pm in the summertime the wind starts picking up and it cools everything down nicely. Today it's just whipping through the city though. It brought some thunderclouds earlier, but I only heard two thunders and saw one lightning.

I've had a nice evening all alone, so far. I took the bikes to Cory's work, where there's a bike cage for them to live for the next couple of weeks. They were taking up too much room in the dining nook, which is where I want to put the packed boxes. I also need to do a bit of homework, but it's funny how priorities shift when you have a to-do list. No to-do list, dirty dishes can stay in the sink. Homework to do, dishes really really need to get cleaned NOW.
Tags: weather
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