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This morning the local phone company showed up again. I'd talked to them about a month ago to give them the landlords' phone numbers so they could ask if they could rip up the yard to install a phone line. The phone guy had said he'd asked my neighbors for the landlords' number and it wasn't working so he came to me.

Today as he chatted with me a little we had a conversation that went like this.

"So, do you know you neighbors very well?"

"No, I kind of try to stay away from them."

"Do they seem kind of shady to you?"

"Yeah, definitely."

"Me too. I noticed there are a lot of people coming and going and nobody seems to stay for very long."

I know the teenagers there smoke pot, because Cory has gone over there and caught them when he went to complain about the dogs. And they talk about it in the backyard often. ("Let's call the girls and invite them over to get high!") I haven't really paid enough attention because I don't want to know what they do, but now that I think of it there are a lot of people coming and going.

8 more days until we get the keys to the new place!



Aug. 9th, 2006 03:40 pm (UTC)
Thank goodness we haven't had any break-ins - I never really thought of that, for some reason. So far they keep to themselves for the most part, except for being loud and dropping trash in our yard, but hopefully they don't get any ideas between now and the end of the month!